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Elite membership

With an elite airline membership, you can bring yourself a lot of comfy for your journey.  Regardless of business or economy class you are using, you are able to enjoy the highest standard of service that could indulge you into extreme extravagance until you hope the journey would never end.

If you are like most passengers traveling in an economy class, who are not aware of any airport benefits readily made available, here are the common problems you would normally face based on a survey 2019.


  • “It was an extremely long waiting time and full of crowd at the airport check-in counters that causing me frustrated especially when you are seeing numerous of travelers carrying large luggage and many small bags.”

  • “Extra charge for overweight luggage which could be more expensive than the flight ticket.”

  • “When I got on the plane, I found that I was arranged to be seated at the end. Three people were arranged at a row and I was also caught in the middle with two fat men sandwiching me, bringing me inconvenience in accessing to the washroom. The children next to one of them were crying throughout, seriously affecting the mood of the journey.”

  • “Arriving at the transit airport, you would need to pass the security check. If you happen to arrive at the check point, there would be already full of people.  Moreover, you need to wait for your baggage to arrive that worrying you to catch the next flight.”

  • “The long-distance flight in an economy class is exhausted. During the transfer, there is always full of people lining up before I could reach the boarding gate. At this time, I was thirsty but I had no local currency to buy the food and beverage that is always highly priced.”


On the other hand, if you have an elite member of the airline alliance, the above scenario is completely reversed with the following benefits:

  • Priority Airport Check-in

  • Priority Boarding

  • Extra Baggage Allowance

  • Priority Baggage Handling

  • Airport Lounge Access

  • Gold Track priority lane

  • Priority Reservation Waiting list

  • Priority Airport Standby


The above are just the regular benefits you are “entitled” to receive plus there are also many unknown benefits for you to enjoy. For an example, during your check-in, you will be specially arranged to be seated at the first row or a seat with a spacious space of which these preferred seats are supposed to be purchased at an additional cost to enjoy your journey comfortably.  If you encounter various factors that causing delay or cancellation of flight, you can enjoy an upgrade to business class for free.  If you need to arrange a change of your flight schedule, you will be given a priority.


Requirements to reach an Elite Status

To get the elite membership, there are different specifications depending on the airline and the program. However, no matter the program, you have to fly a certain number of miles within a certain amount of time to qualify.   It would take you about 50 flights or about 50,000 miles in a year to reach the elite status. 


Using business or first class would give you extra mileage rewards. If you fly more, you will naturally have a gold card. Only if you travel a lot or you are a frequent business traveler, the elite card is a “must to have” but not a “good to have” to make your trip pleasant.

Here are the 3 most large airline alliances you should consider joining in:

  • The first largest airline alliance is Star Alliance.  Among the most popular airlines in Asia, they are China International Airlines, Singapore Airlines, EVA Air, ANA, Asiana Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada and Lufthansa in Europe.

  • The second largest airline alliance is SkyTeam. Among them are Eastern Airlines, Xiamen Airlines and China Airlines, which are familiar to us. There are Vietnam Airlines in Southeast Asia, Korean Air in South Korea, Delta Air Lines in the United States, and KLM and Air France in Europe.

  • The third largest airline alliance is Oneworld of which in Asian region are Cathay Pacific, Malaysia Airlines and Japan Airlines, US region is AA American Airlines while Europe is British Airways.

Flyersim’s Solution


With a firm partnership with three prestigious airline alliances (Star Alliance, SkyTeam, Oneworld) we would like to invite customers to our elite membership program to get the best and exclusive privileges from these alliances within weeks. For customers with a exceptional strong financial background, we can even help them to apply for a lifetime elite card without any downgrading problem every year - an instant undeniable upgrade!


In addition to the cooperation with the airlines, our company has established many years of mutual trust and relationship with many frequent travelers to help them transfer their gold status membership to others. Thus, if you need the elite status immediately, you can leave the process to us. There is a limitation for the application every year due to the high market demand. Therefore, we recommend you make reservation with us in advance.


Because the elite membership is a relatively very important status, it involves uncompromising rules for the interested travelers.  Travelers are reminded to look for reliable channels to get these cards to avoid being squandered or getting a near expiration membership that could incur unnecessary loss. In this connection, our company will guarantee in securing your membership and status with a full validity period legally. Otherwise, a full refund will be made.


For more details, please contact us.

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