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See what our Customers say

"While traveling abroad, Internet is really a problem. However, renting this roaming device give me confidence. I do not have to worry about excessive phone bills and I could take a lot of photos to be upload online.  The network speed is also very smooth, and I can use it very long, making my trip worth!"

-Kevin Hsu-

"This is really good. WIFI signal is very good with durable battery and long standby time, and easy to carry. Using WeChat video is not a problem-fast and very convenient.  It is recommended! Customer service is very patient, and I will patronize again.  I wish the seller business would be booming. 5 stars!"

-Jamie Yeo-

"The tour was particularly successful, and we were very happy. The device is very reliable with a good signal.  The standby time was long.  My wife and I used it to charge our phone and the power was more than enough. The signal was very strong even when we were out of the city. Only occasionally the signal is slightly weak in the countryside, but it does not affect the overall use. Next time when you go abroad, remember Flyersim."


"Whether it is the attitude of the customer service or the item itself, I am particularly satisfied. The attitude of the customer service is professional and enthusiastic.  It is over 2 o'clock in the morning and I am a very meticulous and more critical person who asks a lot of questions. I would like to express my sincere respect to the customer service. The service attitude is rare and very good.  If you need recommendation, this is for you!"

-Roger Lee-

The half-month trip to France was finally over, and I have finally seen the long-awaited Paris Tower. It’s really good to rent this WiFi device on the Internet before departure. It’s signal is very powerful and the device small and convenient to carry, plus it can charge phones. It’s really practical.

"I went to Kansai for my honeymoon in Japan. I saw a beautiful and vibrant cherry tree in Kyoto. It is beautiful. The Wi-Fi of the device is connected to the DOCOMO network, and the signal is particularly stable. Watching the TV video is not a problem at all and it is unlimited. The Wi-Fi experience make my trip perfect, leaving a wonderful life memory!"

-Emily Cheng-

"The personal experience I encountered was very shocking. I took my wife and my 3-year-old baby to the United States for a self-driving tour. I bought a Prepaid card from a virtual carrier of $10 at LAX Airport. Everything in the city was normal and intact. On the way to Las Vegas on the next day, the tragedy happened.  In the early evening, I entered the Death Valley area because I made a wrong way, which caused the navigation to be unable to recalculate the route. The mobile phone has no network signal at all. There is only less than half a tank of oil left in the car. There is really nothing in the desert and I was unable to make any calls as the network was not working. The baby was crying, and my wife was worried, making me stressful.  I stopped at the roadside and wanted to change back to Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom’s SIM card. However, I couldn’t find the pin to open the slot of my Iphone. At this time, the sky was dark, and I was helpless.   I told myself to be calm or else the more panic I was, the worse it would get! Just calm down and think about what I could use to open the SIM card slot of my phone. I found a bill statement from the hotel when I checked out, which had a staple pin that gave me an idea. It was very difficult to open the card slot with the pin. Finally, I replaced my SIM card and waited for the network anxiously. I suddenly found a weak 3G signal of AT&T. We were saved, and we navigate the route.  However, because of this sudden and unprepared situation, the trip was delayed! It’s dark, there’s no streetlight.   At night, I could only find someone’s rest stops.  After returning to Taiwan, I received a high international roaming bill from Chunghwa Telecom. I should have used Flyersim that time."

-Alan Wong-

"Device return and collection is very super convenient at the airport! The service personnel brought me a bottle of mineral water and he was very careful and meticulous. The device is basically new. The power is also fully charged. When I charge my phone twice, half of the power is left. This time it was used by four people. Listening to songs, and videos online is not a problem.  My friends said that it is a must-have for travel!"

-Veronica Heng-

"In the past when going abroad, I immediately ran to the sim card counter at the airport to buy a local pre-paid SIM card. It was already tiring to fly yet I needed to wait at the counter with full of people waiting in line, and I was facing language problems. Most countries require passport for verification of which I do not feel safe that my information would be secured, and they need credit card transaction when I did not have local currency.  Before flying back home, I lost my credit card and I suspected that it could be linked to the pre-paid SIM card service. Now whenever I am going abroad, I would use flyersim.  Their professional consultation and understanding of travelling provide many value-added services also help me solve many problems related to my tour.  I highly recommend flyersim!"

-Madam Sim-

“I am also a long-term user of renting Flyersim.  Last time, I bought a CELCOM prepaid card at Kuala Lumpur Airport. The signal speed is fast and quite stable. When the data flow is used up, it is relatively convenient to go to the convenience store to purchase the recharge card. Unfortunately,  driving from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca by car, the signal got weaker and the navigation became unusable and finally I realized that I needed to recharge my card.  However, I could not find any place nearby for recharging.  Moreover, you can't recharge the card online. I went to the nearest service store but there are only limited recharge cards selling at a high price. I have no choice but to pay for it.  After I left Malaysia for Singapore. I thought I was able to apply for a roaming package but after several times of trying, it failed. I could not use credit cards to recharge too but must buy a Singapore Internet card. The recharge is very troublesome, and you would need to recharge every 30 days to maintain your line.   It turns out that if the recharge is not activated within 30 days, the number will be expired, and the balance will not be refunded. Because I am a tourist, I can't apply for a post-paid number without a local ID. The prepaid cards I have cannot be used for international roaming services but only in its country. In addition, these cards have network restriction.  If I am going to use my own post-paid card of my own country, I would need to locate all local operators to see which network coverage is good.  However, with Flyersim, it solves all my problems.”

-Tony Tan-

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