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Priority Pass

“Whether you are traveling with friends or family or on a business trip, Priority Pass can bring you a peace of mind, allow you to relax, rejuvenate and revitalize when you are in a airport. You are a VIP regardless of any airline or any class you are in and you can always experience the Lounge Class experience”

Priority Pass

Priority Pass also known as “PP Card” being popular in the frequent flyer group, is a significant and necessary program for travelers who often travel abroad.


The program allows you to access the airport premium lounges at any time allowing you to dine, use WIFI, take a shower, and relax however you want, all for free.  If you need to stay at the airport for a long time yet you do not want to tire yourself out too much, the airport lounge is the only way to give you a peace of mind while enjoy in waiting for your plane for boarding. 

Even though you may hold a frequent flyer gold card or have the privilege to enter transit lounges, service provided is still limited. However, with PP card, you will have the right to use its exclusive airport lounges where there are more than enough space for you to choose anywhere to take a rest without any worries at any point of time. For example, some lounges of certain airlines are closed from 1pm to 5am but Priority Pass allows you to enjoy its lounges 24 hours every day. 

Although there are some ways of using certain premium credit cards to enjoy Priority Pass members’ benefits, there are still many restrictions, depending on the bank and country of issue.  Therefore, you could not often experience the service to the fullest such as number of usages, price of your companion and so on.

Usage in general

Complimentary Service - WiFi, meals, regular and alcoholic beverages, shower facilities, air conditioning facilities, massage facilities, newspapers and magazines, etc.

Coverage - More than 1,200 airport lounges in more than 500 cities around the world - Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, etc. There are more than one airport lounge at the same airport.

When to use – Waiting time during transit or waiting for flights at the airport.

Instruction to use – Present physical Card or Electronic Card to the main counter, sign in the visitor record list to receive an entry ticket.

Member Qualification– Priority Pass membership comes with three tiers, and its fee depends on different countries of issue.  If you want to experience its benefits, you would need to start off with a standard membership.  If you are traveling abroad or on a business trip, consider the Standard Plus membership that you can only use 10 times a year for free, which is equivalent to using the lounge at a price of USD25.40.  If you are a frequent flyer, Prestige card will be your first choice in which the more you use, the more you save.

  • Prestige membership: Unlimited access to airport lounges, annual fee at USD 429.

  • Standard Plus membership: 10 times of free entry to airport lounges every year. Annual fee at USD299, or online discounted fee at USD 254. 

  • Standard membership: 32 USD for one time entry to airport lounges.  Annual fee at USD 99, or online discounted fee at USD 79.

No strict requirement - Unlike the strict requirements imposed by credit card companies, member’s companion (regardless of kinship and number of people) could enjoy the service for FREE of which the cost is supposed to n USD32 per person per entry.

For details of PP cards and the specific locations of all lounges, please refer to the official website:

Flyersim's solution


Since our company is highly affiliated with Priority Pass program, we have already distributed 10 INFITITY cards, a tier higher than the Prestige. Due to its limited edition, it is not publicly promoted. However, information can be obtained from us.


Infinity provides same benefits as Prestige, except it allows unlimited number of companions. At the current promotion period, each annual fee is only USD350. (Available on a first-come, first-served basis).

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