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Hotel Elite Membership

If you have been traveling frequently and often staying at international chain hotels, you should have, by now, enjoyed several benefits as an elite hotel member including:


  • Even if you book the most standard room type, there is a great possibility for the room to be upgraded to an executive room or even a suite.


  • Enjoy a complimentary breakfast for two. Unless you book a room at a higher rate, you cannot have complimentary hotel breakfast.  However, as an elite member, you can  have breakfast for two persons anytime.  In additional, you can enjoy your morning time at the high-end Executive Lounge delicately served by the hotel staff.


  • You can enjoy an early check-in and late check-out until 4 pm.  As an elite member, you could use the VIP counters or executive lounges while enjoying complimentary drinks and snacks for your immediate check-in rather than waiting in a line.  Especially when staying at the hotel in the afternoon, the check-in counters are always lined up, but as an elite member, you can use the VIP counter or go directly to the Executive Lounge while eating snacks and drinks.


  • Access to the Executive Lounge.  Not only you could enjoy breakfast at the lounge, but also dinner and beverages including alcohol during the happy hour at no charge.  Additionally, you could help yourselves anytime with snacks and beverages at all time free of charge and unlimited.    


  • Free access to the Executive Lounge meeting room for 2 hours per stay (subject to individual hotel rules)


  • There is no extra charge for additional guest, and some hotels could provide extra beds at no charge (this is especially useful in Japan).

  • Free or discounted parking (depending on individual hotel regulations)

  • Free minibar, laundry, and pressing service (depending on individual hotel regulations)

The above mentioned are membership’s privileges of which in theory, you can save more than you spend.  For example, in Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel, a subsidiary of the Marriott Hotel Group, you could get a suite with two breakfasts (worth 80USD for two) plus Executive Lounge (worth 50 USD for two) complimentarily at a standard room rate of 180USD.   In order words, you are only paying 50 USD to stay in a 5-stars hotel suite (worth 450 USD) or an Executive room (worth 260 USD) in Hong Kong while others are paying 180USD for a standard room without breakfast and executive lounges.  Put in another way, you are only paying for your meals and beverages for the whole day while staying for free besides you are also earning bonus points to get another free stay.


Here are the details to know more:


This example is only based on Marriott group’s rewards while other hotel groups have different but similar rewards. Our purpose here is not to tell you how to get the membership by staying fervently with the hotels but to get the membership instantly for just a small amount of charge.  We create the elite membership for you instantly for you to help you enjoy while save your money immediately.  As such, we are saving you time and hassle to get what you want directly to become a direct hotel’s elite guests without going through third party’s platform to get your stay of which you think is the best offer, which is a kind of marketing gimmicks.   


The good news is you can let us sort the things out with our 20 years of travel experience while you relax on your seat or busy with your own stuff or other investment before the elite membership arrives at your doorstep in just a few days.


How to become an elite member of the hotel group in a regular way?

Alternatively, if you want to become an elite member without going through us, here are the things you need to do.

Each hotel group has different upgrade standards for its members.  To get a gold card membership, it requires you to achieve 20 stays or 40 nights per year, and a Platinum card membership 30 stays or 50 nights before you could get the elite privileges.  For detailed membership levels and benefits, please refer to the following hotel website:


Marriott Bonvoy

Hilton group

IHG® Rewards Club

Shangri-La Group

World of Hyatt



Flyersim's solution:


Flyersim works together with several large-scale domestic and overseas travel agencies (OTA) online reservation network in a long-term collaboration relationship, with many hotel groups around the world, we use special reservation channels to book major hotels for many years.  Our company has also established many years of mutual trust and cooperation with many social media and online bookings sites.  They have entrusted Flyersim to process the membership of the affiliated hotel to whoever having the interest. Due to the limited number of places each year and the demand is very high, we recommend advance reservation with us.

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