About Flyersim


Flyersim WIFI allows travelers to tap on internet by using eSim technology to support automatic remote carrier configuration of the built-in SIM card via OTA (Over-The-Air). When Travelers arrives at a foreign destination, the device will only takes less than 3 minutes to boot up. It can automatically connect to the local operator's 4G network without any manual settings, making it easy to access the Internet! You will no longer have to worry about the high cost of international roaming, and you don't have to look around to buy a local SIM card, which is causing unnecessary hassle and insecurity.


Our network covers more than 200 countries and regions.  So, get abroad and enjoy unlimited communication! We take the work out of travel and restore the joy & exhilaration. Experience the world to your ultimate, not just dream about it.

We provide global Internet cards, phone cards, WIFI and other Internet solutions that bypass blocked sites in every country in addition to service in premium hotels, airlines, memberships, service upgrade, and credit cards all around the world. Our procedure is safe and secure!

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Why use Flyersim?

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Wide Network Coverage

Easily roam more than 200 countries and regions with our carrier partners around the world


Multiple devices

Support 5 devices sharing at the same time

Unlimited traffic

The same way when you go for a buffet - eat as much as you can

Automatic configuration

Local network, easy settings and usage

Allowing blocked sites

Ability to browse sites like Google, Facebook, Youtube that are restricted in some countries like China


Mobile power

Built-in 6000 mah mobile power supply to charge mobile phones. Low energy consumption, long standby hour, easy to carry.


Wireless storage

Built-in 32G memory card, a portable disk that can be carried around, which can back up data with one button to help travelers to conveniently transfer data for storage from their mobile.

Fast shipping

Express delivery before 10 pm on the day of booking, or free airport pick-up service.

24 hour customer service

Professional customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Membership service

Enjoy other travel related packages and service free consultation and guidance on various frequent flyer and advance bookings with more exquisite travel gifts.


How I wish I could travel around the world  freely


"The tour was particularly successful.  The device is very reliable with a good signal.  The standby time was long."

Flysersim Customer

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"Watching the TV video is not a problem at all and it is unlimited. The Wi-Fi experience make my trip perfect, leaving a wonderful life memory!"

Flysersim Customer

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"I do not have to worry about excessive phone bills and I could take a lot of photos to be upload online. " 

Flysersim Customer

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"The signal got weaker and the navigation became unusable.  However, with Flyersim, it solves all my problems.”

Flysersim Customer

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