We provide migration and second passport services at your convenience.

Permanent Resident/ Second Passport Program
Migration to overseas high-welfare countries immediately solves the problems of family medical insurance, elderly care, and child allowances for education. This is a family program, one person applied can bring in both parents. Over a year, one can be promoted to the life winners immediately. Some of our customers say that the main purpose of going abroad is for their children as education is the top priority of all family life planning.
It is advised to apply immigration at the early stage because most countries have raised their thresholds due to the influx of new immigrants. Recently, there have been many online migration advertisements to Turkey or some small countries which even names are hardly recognized for USD 200,000. After obtaining the passport then use the reciprocal rights to apply for the USA E1/E2 visa. This creates misleading information to people who don’t have enough knowledge of immigration. These countries themselves have internal and external problems, and by launching those passport programs to solve their internal economic problems. E1/E2 is a US non-immigrant visa. With this status, you have no access to the green card no matter how long you have lived in the US. For much less than 200K USD you can apply for the US Green Card/ Canada Maple Leaf Card directly through us. If your purpose is just to obtain a convenient second passport for traveling and without the intention to migrate, we have an exclusive channel to legally get you a more powerful passport than Turkey and these small countries with wider passport accessibility at a much more competitive price.
Our new customer-friendly immigration service is based on US and Canadian immigration services, covering work and investment programs leading to permanent residency. Currently, we can provide you with USA EB3 Employer-Sponsored Immigration and numerous Canadian immigration programs including AIPP (Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program), ONIP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program), PNP (Provincial Nominee Program), RNIP (Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot) and LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment). Our team of lawyers are familiar with the immigration regulations and the actual internal operations of the Immigration Department. We can tailor-make the immigration plan in accordance with your current conditions. We will not turn you away due to your lacking qualifications. Our strong employers have a variety of job opportunities, including truck drivers, tailors, welders, electronic repairing technicians and many other jobs to help you find a stable and profitable job, earning money and letting you easily realize the dream of family immigration in order to create a fair and superior growth environment for your next generation.
Summarizing the benefits of immigrating to the United States and Canada in a few words:
•            High Social Welfare State
•            Very liveable environment
•            Best education system
•            Universal healthcare system
•            Fair judicial system
•            High-quality working environment
•            Passport with wider global access and recognition

Flyersim's Solutions:
Our company has several in-house senior immigration lawyers. We maintain a stable cooperative relationship with many local governments’ senior officials. We have special channels to help you to obtain legal status in the most cost and time efferent ways. Our payment methods are flexible, allowing you to make money in a stable working environment and pay the monthly installment at the same time. We have enough qualifications and stable channels to handle your application, and we assure you a 100% full refund if your case is not approved. For more details, please contact our customer service representative.