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Heavy discounted price for Business Class & First Class Cabins

Book with us for your international flights and enjoy the first-class and business class tickets at 50% discounted price of which the fare could be about the same as the economy!


If you are a frequent flyer, it is not common to see a regular customer to afford the relish luxuries of first-class cabins. The business class fight between Asia and the US or Central Europe costs between US$5,000-US$8,000 whilst the first class between US8,000-US15,000.   In this connection, our focus is helping customers to get the lowest price possible to enjoy these two luxury cabins.


We use our own ticket booking system engineered by our algorithm to keep ourselves abreast of information on ticket pricing in the market to make reservation for our customers with the best price.


No matter where you are now or where you are going, you just need to tell us your needs. We will use the fastest time to help you solve the problem, recommend you the best ticket price and let you travel comfortably. Your satisfaction is our driving force and we welcome customers from all walks of life.


Let us know your travels by email or through social media platforms (wechat or Facebook) and leave the problems to us.


Travel First Class

Pay at Economy

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