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Platinum & Centurion card

Enter a world where riches are measured, not in material wealth, but in unforgettable experiences


最高の瞬間をあなたに プラチナ・カード®

전세계 어디서든 인정하는 VIP

The American Express® Platinum Card is probably the best known American Express card worldwide, a high-end elite card issued by American Express.


American Express offers a wide range of benefits, from five-star hotel accommodations at home and abroad, restaurant dining  and accommodation discounts, airline ticket discounts, airport lounges, travel insurance, etc., to make your trip smooth and exciting. These Platinum Cards are extremely worth for frequent travelers to carry around.


The benefits you get is a lot more than enough to cover the annual fee.


If you are on business trips or frequent leisure trips, having this Platinum Card will be your strongest fortress to support your journey.

If you have a high income and are interested in taking advantage of this exclusive card, you could go read about Amex review to find out how The American Express® Platinum Card can help you to get the best perks for your lifestyle.  In general, below are some information you should read about what it can offer.

Exclusive Rights

Airport Lounge:

  • Priority Pass Select (PPS) card plus two more for your companions to enjoy

  • Plaza Premium Lounge 

  • Centurion Lounges access plus two more persons are allowed

  • Delta Sky Clubs access, only for Delta airlines guests; $29 charge for each companion

  • Airspace Lounges access plus two more persons are allowed

Hotel Benefits:

  • Automatic becomes Marriott Gold Member

  • Automatic becomes Hilton Gold Member

  • Gift Shangri-La Jade Member (UK version)

  • Free Radisson Gold Card (UK version)

  • Gift of MeliáRewards Gold Card (UK version)

  • Enjoy same benefits as the hotel's elite members including room upgrade, free Wi-Fi, free breakfast/dining/spa etc based on hotels’ offers through Fine Hotels & Resorts (FHR) booking

Car rental:

Platinum Card holders could enjoy exclusive benefits from Avis and Hertz of which are similar to Avis's Preferred membership and Hertz's Five Star membership. At the same time, you could enjoy 20 to 30% discount and vehicle upgrade.

Insurance Benefits:

  • Lost baggage and travel accidents when you pay for airfare with your AMEX Platinum card

  • Automatically covered for damage or theft of your rental car with an MSRP of up to $85,000.

  • The Platinum Card provides one-year warranty of your purchased goods

  • Trip cancellation and trip interruption

  • Purchase Protection for goods damage and theft


  • Enjoy warm welcome with complimentary appetizers or drinks when dining at FHR

Platinum Card Concierge:

  • 365 days with 24-hour service for Travel and Emergency Support around the world

How to get?

Country / region:

  • Hong Kong - Annual income of more than 1 million Hong Kong dollars. Annual fee: 7800 Hong Kong dollars.

  • Taiwan - Annual income of more than 2 million Taiwan dollars. Annual fee: 35,000 Taiwan dollars

  • Singapore - Annual income above 200,000 Singapore dollars. Annual fee: 1712 Singapore dollars

  • Malaysia - Annual income above 190,000 ringgit. Annual fee: 3445 ringgit

  • Japan - Annual income above 10 million Japanese yen. Annual fee: 130,000 Japanese yen

  • South Korea - New application has been suspended, only open for existing customers

  • China (Mainland) - No direct issuance as it depends on the bank approval after going through various types of verification in addition to its benefits are limited.


*The above annual fee shall not be waived by any means

The approval process will be very stringent and long for new customers applying for the Platinum Card in Asia. You will need to submit complicated information such as real estate documents, tax bill for verification. If you have never used an American Express Card to apply for a Platinum Card directly, it is not easy to obtain an approval since the program is an American Express's initiative that offers to existing customers with good credit status.

Black Card or Centurion AMEX Card

This is a mythic card. Simply put in this way, if you haven’t heard of this card and you want to know more about it, it is nearly impossible.  You can't find any trace of information about this card in the official website of American Express in any country.


Unless you belong to high-net-worth group, someone will offer this to you naturally. 

Under normal circumstances, the invitation is made for the existing platinum card customers. The probability is only offered to 0.05% to 1% of the platinum card holders.  It is a very rare card that only the top 1% wealthiest elites could enjoy.

The American Express Centurion or Black Card is being acknowledged as the highest version of credit cards introduced by American Express in the United Kingdom since 1999.  The Centurion Card is recognized as the “King of cards” in the world. Credit limit of this card in infinite. Cardholders are mostly political figures, billionaires, and top celebrities of various countries, and they are specially invited by American Express.


For those who are interested in knowing more, you can check on following links to make your own research:

Flyersim’s solution

We maintained stable cooperative relations with many international financial institutions and European private banks for many years. We have special approval procedures to help you apply for the American Express Platinum Card issued by the United States or the United Kingdom. The annual fee is more advantageous than the cards issued in Asia.


As for the centurion card, if you really want to have it, we have a way to make your dream comes true. For details, please contact our customer service.

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